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Welcome to the world that was WZZQ. WZZQ started out as WJDX-FM, a Lamar Life Insurance Company radio station in Jackson, Mississippi. In 1968 WJDX-FM was playing easy listening music and Bob McRaney Jr. had heard a rock and roll FM station in Memphis and decided to give it a try. The Rock went on the air with Phil Seymore, Fred Mitchel, Art Reed, and Terry Stenzel. My name is Bruce Owen and I was hired in February of 1969. Within a few months I was the senior man and the saga of The Rock was born.

I look forward to hearing from you. I would love to hear your ZZQ stories. The information that I publish in this site will be what I remember and what others send me. I am not responsible for the authenticity of these stories. It's been over 35 years since The Rock went on the air and what I remember may not be exactly how and when things happened. I will try my best to get it right.

If you have photos that I can use in this site please e mail them to me at . I will try to incorporate these bits and pieces into the site, Thank you, bruce
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WZZQ-----THE ROCK----JDX-FM-----102.9-------WZZQ